Cold Store


ASHOKJI COLD STORAGE is a cold storage and Food Produt Company in India. It provides their service at affordable charges to the clients. Our cold storage facility is installed with advanced machines and utility. Moreover, we maintain complete hygiene inside the cold storage and also our quality experts always try to give good service to our client. In India so many cold storage companies are there, but AshokJi COLD STORAGE provides you the best services at a good price. It’s the best cold storage Service providers in India.

  • Cold storage is a small walk-in cooler or freezer with area 1,000 sq ft or less to 200,000 sq ft or more, warehouses at freezing temperatures or cooler (chiller) temperatures

  • Perishable foods stored at the wrong temperature will spoil, leading to changes in color, texture, and flavor due to microbial and bacterial activity

  • Cold storage units also offer infrastructure facility along the entire supply chain ie: pre-cooling, weighing, sorting, grading, waxing process, package, and deliver goods almost anywhere in refrigerated couriers across the globe, meaning the prescribed temperature of the product remains the same till it reaches the hands of the consumer.

Why Cold store

Cold storages will soon be in demand as farm output has grown during the lockdown during Covid-19! Existing facilities will fill up due to the growth in farm output and newer ones will spring up soon.

This will also mean stabilization in prices of farm produce for example onions that have seen vast fluctuations in pricing will behave better-sustained supply.

The reasons for farm output growth clearly are due to migrant and factory workers having to earn a living with limited opportunities and utilizing the lockdown for agriculture. The monsoon too has been good and so has the sale of Tractors and other farm equipment and this will spiral the growth of cold storages that will ensure that farm produce wastage drops to under 15% of the total production

Process Of Working Cold Storage


It is a significant component of a cold room and consumes maximum power. It increases the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant gas from the evaporator. With increasing pressure, the boiling point also increases and the compressor then condenses the refrigerant gas to the temperature of the condenser.


This component acts as a heat exchanger and removes heat from the refrigerant and the circulating water. Higher the efficiency of a condenser, better the working of a cold room.


It takes heat from the storage unit or the atmosphere to keep the area cooler, vapourising the liquid refrigerant.


It can be primarily considered a storage area for liquid condensate. Also, the liquid refrigerant enters the expansion valve from this component for the reduction in temperature and pressure.

Expansion valve:

It is used to reduce the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. The pressure change occurs from the receiver to the evaporator.


The fans or blowers are used to circulate the cooler air across the cold room through the process of convection.